Thursday, July 24, 2014


and you'll never work a day in your lifeNow that I've had this amazing experience, I can't stop what I've learned. I have to continue doing my best to apply my experiences.
I'm beginning my senior year, and I've got to remember the things I've learned over the last three years!

The most important thing I can take away is to do what you love! I've seen so many people be unhappy, and I'm beginning to feel that way about my major. I've got to power through and make it out. Only 6 more classes! It's hard to believe I've come so far in such a small amount of time.

LIVE! Don't just sit around wishing you were doing something, but actually DO IT! This summer I didn't let my frustrations get me down, I continued traveling and making plans to prevent me from sulking about having nothing to do.

Trust in the system, but learn to speak your voice and be heard. It's always important to make sure that you put trust in your authority! However, that doesn't mean that you can sit in silence when you have something to say, because that might be the thing that they have been waiting to hear from you, in order to make a change.

Get uncomfortable! 
(I heard this at NACURH 2013 and it really stuck)
I know this sounds silly, but you will gain the most out of ANY experience when you are the most uncomfortable. It's so easy to go with the things that you are used to, but how many times have you taken the road less traveled? Go for the challenge!

Believe in YOURSELF!
It's really hard to get others to understand what you are saying if you don't believe in yourself first. Take the time to work at yourself, improve on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Don't compete with others, just always try to be the best version of you!

Accept change - because change is inevitable!

Be happy!
You're not always going to have a great day but if you ever feel like your beginning to have a bad day, take the time and do things you love! This will make you happier and will refocus your brain to new perspectives. Always take time for yourself, and know your limits. <- My weakness

Be proactive, less reactive!
If you're ready, it's going to be less of a shock when something unexpected comes your way. Remember that you can only control the way you react. Always be thinking one step ahead of the rest, and you'll be ready to face anything!

This is ME!
Don't try to be like anyone else, because ultimately you will fail. Be the best you can be, and take the time to understand WHY people love being around you! You were made to be on this earth, so be you. Embrace what makes you unique and don't be afraid to be different than the rest. You might even find that you enjoy life more when you do YOU.

This blog, much like this class and semester is coming to a closing point. I have loved blogging this summer and having an impact on my friends lives by giving them inspirational messages. I might just keep this up, who knows...

Anyways, I couldn't be more thankful for the experiences I've had, and where they will take me in the future.

<3 The Valdosta State ACUHO-I Intern
                                                                    Summer 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014


MM; Mark; Internship; VSU
My interning journey at Valdosta State has come to a close. I have officially made it back to Florida Atlantic University to finish up my summer classes.
I will never forget my experiences this summer and the wonderful people I met along the way.
This summer has taught me so many things, but I think something that I'm beginning to realize is that I can choose to create a family anywhere I go.
The beginning of the summer was rough, because I felt like I lacked that support system that I was so used to at FAU, but I started to reach out to people and they reciprocated.

This picture is of my boss Mark. We had our funny moments, much like this picture, but he really had an impact in my life, because he took the time to listen to me and really had faith in me. He would visit at the most random moments, and always catch me when I was on the phone, but I can't thank him enough for believing in me.

Another important shoutout would be Rita! From the "morning" coffee runs, joining me for dinner, to our talk about your student affairs journey. I don't think that you truly know how much I appreciated your company, and how sorry I am for continually falling asleep -.- especially when you came to say goodbye!! But I know I've made a new friend. Enjoy your groceries :)

V, my friend, you were there...all the time :) Thanks for being the most indecisive food picker, and forcing me to find my voice. Naw, but I'm really proud of you and I'm excited to see what you do as you transition in this new phase of your life! I know you can accomplish anything!!

Now, I am going to be a third year Resident Assistant at FAU this year and our training for fall will begin in August. I am really excited, however, I'm stuck for the next two weeks because I have no where to live. I am thankful that once I reached out to some of my friends, they were willing to house me, but I'm beginning to realize that I create my own sense of the word "family".
SAACURH; #louielove; #wevegotspiritMy friends, co-workers, advisors, and residents are what can make up a family. But it's a two way street, family can be found in every place you call home.
I have finally found who I can call my best friends, and I will be working hard to make sure that those relationships continue to grow.

We are in a period of transition here at FAU, and ALOT is changing. I have to remember to count on my family and begin seeing my journey close here as I finish up my senior year. Sometimes I'm going to end up alone here, I need to be okay with that. This upcoming year is full of uncertainty. I've got to be okay with it.

In the mean time, I'm house hopping! You know you want to let me stay at your place ;)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

[Intern]al Doom

falling; leadership; Athens GA
I've never been one to be completely stable, and by that I mean that I'm relatively a clumsy person. I've had my fair share of fail moments, including busting my head on a rock at Busch Gardens, running into walls, and frequently making a fool of myself due to my unintentional wipeouts. But this week, I happened to literally almost fall to my death. This picture is the very stairs I am talking about.

After traveling and getting lost in the middle of Georgia for hours and finally finding my way to Athens, I made it up the stairs to catch some sleep for the night to finish the roadtrip to Charlotte, North Carolina for our SEC Summer Summit.

Quickly getting ready and packing up my things, first destination on my mind was Chipotle. Walking down the stairs with luggage, I wasn't able to see the steps I was walking down also considering I was wearing flop flops with no traction. I fell down after only successfully descending a few steps.

My world spun in slow motion as my feet rose above my head. I had landed on my backpack (my laptop inside) and made my way farther down the stairs, as my friend watched as she stood at the bottom. Unable to help me, she took there in shock. 

Hitting the bottom was relief, but this was entirely my mistake. I couldn't complain because there were many choices that I made that contributed to this situation happening including:

  • My choice not to use the handrail
  • Poor shoe choice
  • Lack of concentration
  • Clumsy History
  • Carrying all my luggage preventing me from seeing
Throughout the day, you use stairs without thinking about how many factors go into a successful climb and descend. While the guardrail is always there, many choose not to use it. Even with my clumsy history, and actually previously falling down the stairs at the FAU library in front of everyone.

Having a friend with me made the situation even more embarrassing. But I think what made it even more difficult was her not being able to do anything for me in that moment, just watching the inevitable.

Sometimes being a leader means doing things without seeing what's happening. You have to trust yourself to know how to get through. Sometimes you will complete the journey and sometimes you will fall. It's just what happen's in life. You can't stop going up the stairs forever after you've taken one fall right?

For comedy sake, here is a cat who understands my struggle!!
down the stairs; just like me
And don't worry, I'm alright...

Lastly, for those that are worried about how to prevent Falls on the Stairs, here is an interesting article that might be of interest.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Emot[intern]al Rollercoaster

Analogy; Metephor; this is life
I can't even begin to explain how I feel this week. Only 8 work days separate me from returning home....but not my home, my FAU family. That is both so refreshing to know I will be reunited with my friends but also painfully nerve racking. I hope all of you reading have experienced this moment...
The moment before the free fall. That's the only thing I can think about the past few days.
I've always been that girl unafraid of any roller coaster ride, eager to get on the new and fastest ride just for the thrill. This moment, looking over the edge before the big senior year, is something I've looked forward to conquering. Now I'm just not so sure. If you know me well, I'm not a fan of change. Consistency is what keeps me from feeling gravity's weight BUT it just hit me SO hard. But I'm determined...but so scared, I won't even lie.

Roller coasters are thrilling and they seem to never get old. All those twists and turns, your hair blowing in the wind, your glasses almost falling off as you are spun upside down, as your feet dangle. I guess it's kinda of like the excitement of the unknown. You have people sitting on either side to support you, and even if they are total strangers, in those moments as you're flying through the air it's as you are connected together in this whirlwind experience. I guess I was meant to ride this one solo.

Visit; Lunch; Fazolis; secrets
On an unrelated HAPPIER moment, I got a visit from a good friend who took the time to eat lunch with me in his travels! He was actually the ACUHO-I Intern at Florida Atlantic University last summer who inspired me to apply for this summer. He's moved to FGCU :)

My mom also came to visit this weekend. Not exactly what I expected, but I enjoyed seeing her but it's just not the same.....I guess I just have to accept him. Got to see fireworks for the 4th! My sister's birthday is the 5th! This is always an exciting season with family and friends coming together
I guess I'm just not ready for what comes next.

I'm just trying my best to prepare the best I can, and hope I'm not completely blind-sighted with all this change. Maybe I'm not meant for this?

Tour; July 25 in WPBAs my favorite band Paramore sings, "somewhere weakness is our strength"....and I've got to believe that everything happens for a reason.

OH I can't wait to see Paramore and Fall Out Boy July 25th!!!!!!! To finally mark FOB off my band bucket list only leaving Blink and Say Anything left to complete my crazy concert spree over the last 6 years.

I would write more but I would probably only add to my roller coaster analogy which is already almost saying too much...
Thanks for listening. And for those of you reading, don't tell me you understand, because you don't....

Friday, June 27, 2014

Intern Socials...ACUHO-I intern application process

Atlanta GA; fishies; fish are friends not foodThis week's adventure included:
- Renovated and clean Resource room (my office space)
three wheeled bikes; intern; Valdosta State- Cutting out Marvel Characters for door tags
- Seminar on "Leadership like Spiderman"
- Creating a web of connections with students
- Testing out the new office trikes (3 wheeled bikes)
- Atlanta
       + Georgia Aquarium
       + Turtles, Octopi, Jellyfish, Otters & Penguins<3
       + Chipotle
       + ACUHO-I Intern Social at Georgia State University
- Tallahassee
       + Visiting friends - netflix movie night!
       + Meeting new friends - ACUHO-I intern at Florida State University
       + Panera Bread
       + Momo's Pizza
Atlanta, GA; Georgia State
Instead of posting my normal weekly update, I found that I would be writing for days just trying to detail all my adventures of the instead I'm going to talk about the intern application process.

Keep in mind that I'm an undergrad so my experiences with this might be very different from someone applying as a grad intern. After a few conversations with my mentors, it was suggested that I apply to the AUCHO-I Summer Internship program. Initially you pay the ~$30 annual fee to become an ACUHO-I member, and access was granted to the summer internship section in October. Here you could upload your resume and I highly suggest Letters of Recommendation and other supporting documents. Finished profiles were due in Mid-January, where host sites had about one week to review and offer interviews for the following week. THIS IS WHEN THINGS GOT CRAZY. Schools will offer you interview in various time zones and you need to SUPER organized to make sure your not double booking your schedule with class, work schedule, organization involvements, and other interview times. Find a quiet spot for each interview and make sure to take notes of interviewers names, and other intern description questions and details not put in the profile to reference in case of a second interview. There's almost one month where interviews can take place. Personally, I got 26 first round interviews which was absolutely insane, however, I immediately found a connection with Valdosta State's internship description and interviewing panel. I sent out interview thank you's for each interview by finding the panels emails through their housing department's website. Some schools offered second round interviews, and that's where you need to make sure that you are fully focused on the interview. By round two week, I was exhausted from all the first rounds and my other obligations at FAU that I felt so drained and I wasn't focused on these interviews, as I should have been.

intern; Valdosta State; tshirt; towel; housingLate-February was when offers could be made. Schools normally want to move fast to ensure that they can secure their top candidate. By the end of the first day, I was only contacted by one of my last ranked schools, and I got upset I hadn't been contacted by Valdosta State. After consulting with my mentors, they said that I should contact my top ranked schools to ask about my placement within their listing. Of course I contacted VSU first, and got an immediate response back from my new supervisor offering my first choice internship!!! I was so excited, I rushed to accept, and soon called the other school to decline their offer. I was so excited! Only a few hours from home, but would offer me such a unique opportunity within the Residential Education and Development job title. After you accept, the coordinators of your accepted school should contact you and give you more detailed information about arrival dates, and coordinating other welcome information (VSU even sent a welcome packet with a t-shirt and towel)!

You're next adventure will begin as you prepare for your specific internship based on the description!

To end this weeks post, I wanted to share some wisdom:
"With great power comes great responsibility" -Spiderman

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Intern Leading the Blind

This week, I have been working on all the logistics for my first leadership development seminar about Happiness. My supervisor at Valdosta State challenged me to find videos that could prompt topics for these programs I am creating. 
"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."  -Albert Schweitzer
After finding that video, and the quote listed above, I knew that this would be a great first program for these freshman. As they staggered into the room, I had Pandora playing, and snacks laid out for the students to munch on. Of course they held conversations amongst themselves until it was time to begin.  I started by handing each of them a slip of paper with an animal name, and a blindfold.

ACUHO-I; Intern, Valdosta StateAt this very moment, I realized something very ironic about this was the intern leading the blind. In that moment, I realize that I knew nothing, that this...every moment of my internship and summer was a learning experience. That these leadership seminars would not only help these freshman, but would really help me to realize more about who I am as a student leader. Truly, this was an activity of the blind leading the blind.

As every student searched for their animal pair by the sound of the animal noise, I could see the smiles, and I knew I was off to a good start. After all, I was talking about happiness! Snack break was offered to prepare to show the video.

Next was the happiness video up above which was shown. This was the moment of truth, with the lights dimmed, I feared that the students would not remain focused, but they proved me wrong!! They really seemed to enjoy this video!! When the lights were brought back up, they really seemed to take in the information. This was my temporary moment of happiness.

After a short debrief, I brought in an idea that this was something that we as humans have been programmed to think since childhood...
Could you believe that?

Remember that old childhood song?
"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap clap)"
When have you actually thought about what those lyrics are really saying? Probably never.

So when you're having a bad day or stressful day, take the time to do something that will make you happy!
Quality time with friends/family? Eating? Go Shopping? Hugs? Listen to music? Dancing? Gaming? Watching a movie? Photography? Crafting? Organizing? Exercise? Playing with animals? Watching funny videos on Youtube?

Take my challenge, and do something for yourself for once.....I dare you.
<3 the housing intern at Valdosta State

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Intern(al) Struggle

This week has been super stressful, my internship responsibilities definitely picked up and I'm struggling. It seems like I have this never ending list of things to do, I guess that's part of the intern/student problems.
Intern Programming
After a long meeting with a couple of departments here at Valdosta State and I learned that I will be planning leadership development programs for the summer freshman students. I was given a list of topics to consider in word cloud form:

I was told that the students will be mandated to attend at least 4 of these programs so I would need at least one program a week to make sure that they have options in case of scheduling conflict, which makes 6 programs in total.

So as I'm looking up ideas to help these kids, I ended up helping myself. I found this wonderful video about time management and it really put my life into perspective. With being gone for NACURH and missing a half of week worth of work, I've felt like I can never catch up. I watched this video and instantly felt like I needed to do all the things that I was stressing out 
about instead of just doing nothing and complaining.

Intern Probs; To-Do ListAt first I was upset that I was handed this additional responsibility because as listed HERE, these 6 programs were not apart of my initial task list. Adding more work, when I already have class work and other intern duties. But, I'll be okay. I'm great under pressure. I've just got to focus and continue doing a little bit of each thing on my list each day. I'll make it through this week....I hope